Do You Live in One of Saskatchewan’s Sunniest Communities?

It may feel like the winters go on forever, but Saskatchewan is Canada’s sunniest province. That’s good news for residents and businesses interested in solar power. The province generates electricity from a variety of sources including fossil fuels such as coal and natural gas, as well as renewable sources such as solar, wind, and hydropower. SaskPower has committed to generating half of its power from renewable resources by 2030 and will add 60 megawatts of large-scale solar generation in the next three to four years.


Who gets the most sun?
Regina is Canada’s fourth sunniest metropolitan area with an average of 2318 hours per year. Saskatoon is next on the list, averaging 2268 hours annually. But it’s the town of Kindersley that averages more hours of sunshine per year than any other place in the province, with an incredible 2416 hours. Below are the five communities that receive the most hours of sunshine per year, on average, in Saskatchewan.

1. Kindersley, Saskatchewan 2416 hours
2. Swift Current, Saskatchewan 2411 hours
3. Estevan, Saskatchewan 2404 hours
4. Broadview, Saskatchewan 2386 hours
5. Weyburn, Saskatchewan 2380 hours



Saskatchewan’s incredible sunshine has been largely underutilized by SaskPower, but that’s starting to change thanks to the growing adoption of solar panels. The cost has fallen dramatically in recent years, making them an increasingly attractive option for affordable, clean energy and as a cost-saving home improvement project.


Why is solar power a smart choice for Saskatchewan?
Saskatchewan residents pay higher than average prices for electricity. Meanwhile, the province’s greenhouse gas emissions are several times higher than the national average, due largely to Saskatchewan’s reliance on coal power. Switching to solar power is both a great way to help the environment and a smart financial investment. With so many sunny days, there’s no better place to start generating solar power.

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