These Net Metering Systems Don’t Need Batteries

You may be wondering what battery you’ll need to store the energy produced by your new solar power system. Well, the easy answer is you won’t need one. There’s a simple reason for that; you’ll have a grid-connected solar power system.

Here’s how it works, and how you benefit.

You use the solar electricity produced by your solar panels the instant that it generates from the sun. That means your system doesn’t cover your immediate needs at night or when no sun is shining on your panels. That being said, here’s how the system pays for itself and helps you save.

While the sun is shining, the system offsets your immediate usage. After that is covered, the excess energy you produce is sent to the grid, and you’ll accumulate credits, which you can then use at night or other times when the sun is not shining.

You can offset your energy usage up to 100%, and bank savings for later. Imagine what your family could do with the money diverted from energy costs on an annual basis!

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