Sunniest Cities In Canada

Wondering if solar is viable in Canada’s prairie provinces? Well, it is a widely known fact that they have a very humid climate.

This means toasty warm summers and (often) bitterly cold winters. However, something that many people don’t realize is that they are among the sunniest provinces in Canada. In fact, Calgary, Winnipeg, and Edmonton rank first, second, and third when it comes to most hours of sun and most sunny days.

Calgary tops the list, with 2396 hours — and 333 days — of sunshine annually. The bright sun in the city makes up 52% of all the daylight hours. Winnipeg is close behind with 2353 hours and 325 days annually.

Solar Brokers Canada Sunniest Cities Graphic

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How you take advantage of the sun is up to you

With the cost of solar power systems the lowest they’ve ever been, going solar make more sense than ever. Also, the various government incentives and rebates in place make it even more attractive. For example, Alberta residents can save up to 30% off of eligible system costs, while residents of Saskatoon can receive 20% off the same expenses.

Through net metering, the energy you generate directly offsets your usage. Excess energy produced creates credits that accumulate throughout the year. This means you can potentially eliminate your current hydro bill altogether. Can you imagine a future without energy bills?

Consider this; you pay for your energy regardless. Why not put your money towards a solar energy system that will create equity and potential monthly savings for your household?

How you can go solar

Contact us today to qualify your home, explore the incentive available in your province, and initiate your free customized solar study to discover how much money is shining down on your roof each year.

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