Sunny Saskatchewan: Solar Power in the Land of Living Skies

Across Saskatchewan, more and more people are expressing interest in solar power. It’s easy to see why. Saskatchewan is Canada’s sunniest province and faces higher than average energy prices. SaskPower recently increased its rates by 8.5% as part of an ongoing effort to maintain its ageing infrastructure. Solar power is ideal for Saskatchewan residents and businesses who want to save money on their power bill and be protected from further energy rate hikes in the future. For a limited time, SaskPower is even offering residents a rebate on the cost of their installation (more on that below). There’s never been a better time to reap the benefits of renewable energy.


Long-Term Savings
Solar panels don’t just reduce your energy bill, they also add value to your home. A solar panel installation could immediately increase your property values so much that you see a net profit. Plus, homes with solar panels are more likely to sell.


Keep Saskatchewan Green
Saskatchewan’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions per capita are more than three times the national average. That’s due in large part to the province’s reliance on fossil fuels. You can do your part to lower GHG emissions by switching to clean energy, such as solar power. Not only does it shrink your carbon footprint, but unused energy gets sold back to SaskPower and lightens the load on its fossil fuel-based energy production. That means you’re helping to produce clean energy for others, too.


Farms and Rural Areas
Did you know that half of Saskatchewan’s solar panel installations happen on farms? For farmers around the province, renewable energy is an obvious choice. Often faced with high energy bills, more farmers are making use of their open spaces and unobstructed sunlight for extra-large solar panels.


solar power

Net Metering Rebate
To boost renewable energy production in the province, SaskPower is offering a one-time reimbursement to help cover a portion of the installation costs. SaskPower, Saskatoon Light & Power and City of Swift Current electricity customers can enjoy a rebate of up to $20,000 before November 30, 2018. The rebate is aimed at residents, farms, and businesses able to generate up to 100 kW (dc) capacity. SaskPower aims to add 60 MW of utility-scale solar generation by 2021, split between community-based projects, First Nations Power Authority (FNPA), and SaskPower. Learn more about the rebate.

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